How to plan your expenses and finance this Diwali

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We just celebrated Navratri in all its glory and now Diwali isn’t too far away. Ab Diwali door nahi.  There’s so much to do- house cleaning, house painting and of course, shopping.  Besides the mythological significance of the day, Diwali is like Christmas for the Indians. For those who live away from home, it’s time for homecoming. They visit their hometown and join their family for the Diwali holidays.

Another festival called Dhanteras which precedes Diwali marks the beginning of the celebrations. Dhanteras is considered to be highly auspicious and it is believed to bring great luck & prosperity to the family. While all of this means togetherness, happiness, and celebrations it may lead to lightening your wallet. But this bliss shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune.

As you will be getting ready for the festivities, a majority of Indian retailers and eCommerce websites will also be gearing up for a BIG SALE to woo you. You must make use of this festive sale to your best advantage. With attractive discount and combo offers, the retail outlets would be hanging big SALE boards everywhere. Even some of your favourite brands will come up with great loyalty or reward schemes to lure you into spending your hearts out. Take your time to evaluate all the deals and grab the deals best suited for your needs. Make sure not to be too overwhelmed and swayed by the offers. Stick to your shopping list and avoid buying impulsively.

Another way to make sure that your finance does not go overboard is to opt for shop now, pay later motto. Shopping on loan or EMI will also go a long way to keep your budget in check. Financial services now also offer No cost EMI which implies that you will not be charged any interest on your credit amount if you repay within the stipulated time. Shopping on credit can help ease off the burden on your pocket as the expenses are split up in equal installments over months. Besides ease of application and approval, this can also help improve your credit history and CIBIL score.

More than anything, Diwali is a time for celebrations. It’s time for you to cash out and spend more time at home with family and friends. So why wait? Get started already. Ab Diwali door nahi.